Chocolate and vanilla lead the way when it comes to ice cream.  The two flavors share first place in a Rasmussen Reports poll of America's favorite ice cream, with each earning 23-percent of the vote.

Butter pecan is getting the nod from nine-percent to place it second on the list.  It's edging out strawberry and cookies and cream, which each have support from eight-percent.  Six-percent are most fond of mint chocolate chip, and four-percent most enjoy coffee-flavored ice cream.

Regarding chocolate and vanilla, when broken down by gender there is no tie between the two.  Men tend to prefer vanilla, while women lean more toward chocolate.  Among the more frequent ice cream eaters -- those who enjoy the frozen treat more than once a week -- 28-percent like vanilla best while 22-percent go for the chocolate.  Nearly 80-percent of those who eat ice cream like to buy it at the store and enjoy it at home.  Just 17-percent would rather indulge their craving at an ice cream parlor.  July is National Ice Cream Month.