Firearm hunting season in Michigan begins on Saturday.

On average about 640,000 hunter in the state purchase at least one deer license. Unfortunately, during the hunting season, many preventable accidents occur. The Injury Prevention Division of Genesys Trauma Services is providing advice to hunters to help stay safe this season:

  • Be familiar with the Michigan DNR Hunting and Trapping guide rules.
  • Hunters must wear hunter’s orange covering at least 50 percent of their body which must be visible when hunting.
  • Do not fire a weapon in a safety zone (less that 150 yards from a building).
  • Use an appropriate firearm that corresponds to a hunter’s hunting zone.
  • Be aware of the legal shooting time.
  • Tell someone where you are hunting, when you plan to arrive, and when you plan to leave.
  • Carry a cell phone, flashlight, first aid kit, knife and compass or GPS.
  • If using a propane heater approved for indoor use, follow the directions to avoid a fire hazard or CO2 poisoning.
  • Do not load your firearm until you are seated in your blind or stand and are ready to hunt.