Billy Joel is living up to the "Piano Man" name in a new way. The singer-songwriter has been inducted into Steinway Hall.  His portrait was unveiled at an event at the piano company's Manhattan showroom on Monday. Billy says he's proud to receive such recognition, because Steinway makes pianos "the old-fashioned way.  They're not mass-produced.  They're hand-crafted."  He adds that "a great Steinway" is "a phenomenal piano," explaining that he appreciates the "quirkiness in individually produced pianos."  Joel adds that the honor has greater significance to him because Steinways are made in New York City.

Billy is the first non-classical musician to be added to the Hall, and is only the second living inductee.  Other portraits in the Steinway Hall gallery include Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arthur Rubinstein, and Vladimir Horowitz.