I've heard so many people say that this has been the toughest winter that they can ever remember. We've had ice storms, bitter cold temperatures, and tons of snow! Now, here is your chance to escape, compliments of US1031! Check out the five trips that the winner of the "Boarding Pass" contest will have to choose from. That could be you! Get registered today in the "Ultimate V.I.P. Club" at the top of the website. Here is just a sample of the warmth you could be enjoying:How about Las Vegas? Always a good time there!

Maybe Orlando? You get three park visits too!

It's warm and comfortable in the Western Caribbean....Feel like a cruise?

A fan of Elvis? Memphis awaits at the Heartbreak Hotel!

Or maybe Cancun at an all-inclusive resort?

Get registered today for the "Boarding Pass" and you could be on your way!