Breaking news from the Bob Seger website, he's been working on a new album. Oh wait, we have been talking about that, haven't we? What we didn't have before is a potential release date.

There is a very recent Rolling Stone article posted on Bob's website, and he says that he is hard at work on his first studio album in six years, the follow up to 'Face The Music.' Seger said, "I'm setting myself a deadline of September 24 to have it out. Wish me luck."

Rolling Stone caught up with Mr. Seger with his wife and son at this year's Grammy Awards. He came looking for old friends like Bruce Springsteen and inspiration from some of the younger musicians. "I came here to get stoked up, see a bunch of great talent and I'm going to fire up the writing pad tomorrow night," he said.

Turns out he's a huge Adele fan as well. Now that would be a duet!

If you need a Seger fix, check out the video below. Bob and Bruce share the stage at Madison Square Garden.