Faith, a lovely golden retriever who is also a therapy dog, will be returning to the Lapeer District Library's Marguerite deAngeli Branch on W. Nepessing Street in Lapeer starting today September 11, 2012.   Faith, who has been trained to listen to young readers, will be in attendance from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm on Tuesday afternoons.  Fifteen minute appointments may be made with Faith by calling the children’s department at the library:  810-664-6971.

By reading to a non-judgmental, interested listener, young readers may gain confidence and find reading fun.  The soothing presence of a dog can motivate and support children as they read aloud to them.  The primary goals are to help the child relax and become less anxious, to help the child focus on reading without fear of being judged, and to create an enjoyable experience that will increase the child’s self-esteem and confidence.  Dogs provide that non-judgmental, entirely accepting audience that allows children to practice and become accomplished readers.”

Faith will be accompanied by Linda Todd of Goodrich who is an experienced dog trainer.

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