Paradise Animal Rescue Calendars Are Now Available
If you’re looking to buy a calendar for the New Year that’s just around the corner take a look at Paradise Animal Rescue’s 2015 calendars. One edition features cats and the other features dogs all from Paradise Animal Rescue. The calendars include not only traditional holidays and …
Lapeer County Animal Control Director Resigns
Lapeer County Animal Control Chief, Carla Frantz, resigned her position last week. Frantz, 43, hired into animal control in 1994. She began as a kennel officer, was promoted to road officer, and in May of 2012 she replaced Walt Rodabaugh as chief.
Pet Blessing In Otter Lake
If you live in Otter Lake you may notice something odd this Sunday (10/5): a procession of dogs, cats, goats, ducks and maybe even a horse or a cow being led into a church.
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services Offered In Almont
Sign-up to have your pet spayed or neutered at a low cost this Saturday (October 4) at Family, Farm & Home in Almont from 10 AM – 2 PM. Services are provided by All About Animals Rescue in Warren, the largest high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Michigan. A cat spay/neuter is $…
Lapeer Judge Orders Trial On Murder Charges In Dog Mauling
District Court Judge Laura Cheger Barnard has ordered the couple accused of being responsible for the dog mauling death of Craig Sytsma be bound over  for arraignment on charges of second degree murder. Sebastiano Quagliata and Valbonaj Lucaj will be the first people ever tried for second-degre…
A ‘Near Miss’ From Kitty
There are lot of pet video's all over the Internet. This one is a "near miss" for the owner.
This cat really wants to please the owner by going "number 2' in the potty, but maybe giving up the litter box isn't such a great idea yet. See for yourself...
Ram Knocks Out Drone And Pilot (Video)
Being an old goat farmer who’s been butted a few times this story caught my eye. It’s a video from New Zealand of a ram letting loose on a drone and taking it out of commission. Then Billy goes for the pilot and wins again.
New Festival In Metamora Set For September 27th
The "Harvest, Horses, And Hounds" celebration is coming to Metamora for its debut on September 27th. Since the Metamora area is know for horses and hounds and the Metamora Hunt running through the countryside, the new festival will celebrate the fall season!
CPR Brings Koala Bear Back To Life
This is the story of one lucky koala bear. Near Melbourne, Australia firemen and wildlife rescuers were called to the scene of a koala stuck up a tree. The koala had been hit by a car before climbing up the tree.
Lapeer Veterinarian Warned That Dogs In Mauling Could Attack
Sally Wallace, a veterinarian with Animal Medical Center in Lapeer was questioned at a preliminary hearing on Friday and told the court that both of the dogs involved in the fatal attack against Craig Sytsma, were brought into the clinic in April wearing muzzles, and both dogs tried to bite her and …
Robin Williams Could Even Make Koko The Ape Happy
A week ago we all heard the tragic news of Robin Williams death. Robin with his talent touched many lives around the world. Koko the Ape at The Gorilla Foundation in northern California was saddened to learn that her friend had passed away.
‘Lapeer Days’ Asks Folks to Leave Their Dog At Home
It's not that you can't bring your dogs to 'Lapeer Days', a city ordinance allows it as long as the dogs are on a leash, but people are a little nervous around dogs these days after the recent fatal attack in our community. 'Lapeer Days' organizers would prefer that you…

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