Help Save Sasha And Her Puppies
A family from Hazel Park is begging the city to stop their dog from being killed. Their 2-year-old Alaskan Malamute "Sasha", was taken away after she had broke free and bit the neighbor's smaller dog.
Paradise Animal Rescue Looking For Donations And Volunteers
Paradise Animal Rescue on M-24 south of Burnside Road is looking for donations of wet dog food, wet cat food, scoopable cat litter, catnip mice, cat nail trimmers, paper towel and manila file folders. The rescue is also seeking volunteers for AM and PM chores, fundraising and a volunteer coordinator…
Goats On Wheels?
A goat? In a wheelchair? Meet Frostie.....
Frostie suffers from something called joint naval ill, it's a condition that prevents this baby snow goat from using his hind legs.
A special wheelchair to help him walk was made by the  Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia...
The Brampton Slasher Case Has Been Solved
The mystery of the tire slasher of Brampton, England has finally been solved. Thanks to a camera set up to catch the criminal in action the video solves the case. Ends up the individual is named Jess and she’s a border collie.
Ever Wonder What your Dog Is Up To When You Go To Work?
When you leave for work or school each morning, you leave behind the family pets. Ever wonder how they spend their day? This owner decided to find out what REALLY happens, so he set up a camera in his bedroom.
The dog is not allowed on the bed, but when the master is away, the dog will play...
Looking For You At Project Warm Paws Gala
Love to see you this Saturday night at Paradise Animal Rescue’s 9th Annual “Project Warm Paws Gala” taking place at the Lapeer Country Club. New this year, the St. Martin villa - "Joie de Vivre", on the ocean in the Caribbean could be yours for a week for just $10…

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