CPR Brings Koala Bear Back To Life
This is the story of one lucky koala bear. Near Melbourne, Australia firemen and wildlife rescuers were called to the scene of a koala stuck up a tree. The koala had been hit by a car before climbing up the tree.
Lapeer Veterinarian Warned That Dogs In Mauling Could Attack
Sally Wallace, a veterinarian with Animal Medical Center in Lapeer was questioned at a preliminary hearing on Friday and told the court that both of the dogs involved in the fatal attack against Craig Sytsma, were brought into the clinic in April wearing muzzles, and both dogs tried to bite her and …
Robin Williams Could Even Make Koko The Ape Happy
A week ago we all heard the tragic news of Robin Williams death. Robin with his talent touched many lives around the world. Koko the Ape at The Gorilla Foundation in northern California was saddened to learn that her friend had passed away.
‘Lapeer Days’ Asks Folks to Leave Their Dog At Home
It's not that you can't bring your dogs to 'Lapeer Days', a city ordinance allows it as long as the dogs are on a leash, but people are a little nervous around dogs these days after the recent fatal attack in our community. 'Lapeer Days' organizers would prefer that you…
Woman’s Sales Pitch Video Falls Short
If you want to make a video to sell something, make sure it lives up to what you are saying about the item. In this case a cat.
Does this cat hear what the owner is saying? While the owner praises the virtues of the cat, the animal bites and snips at her, perhaps sending the real message to a future …
Paradise Animal Rescue Dedicates Nikki’s Cat Nook
Paradise Animal Rescue on M-24 just south of Barnes Lake Road has new area set up in the facility Nikki’s Cat Nook in memory of Nicole Alexandra Yungbluth from Metamora.  Nikki loved all animals and volunteered at PAR after graduating from Lapeer West High School in 2005 and pas…
Lapeer County Shocked By Mauling Death
The owners of the dogs believed responsible for the death of a Livonia man are expected to face criminal charges according to the Lapeer County Prosecutors Office. Craig Sytsma, 46, died last Wednesday after he was viciously attacked by two large dogs while he was jogging on Thomas Road.
An Ingenious Idea To Help Feed Stray Dogs
There are a number of stray dogs out there. Here is a great idea to help them!
In Turkey there is a company that created boxes where people can recycle bottles in exchange for food for dogs. It's a simple concept. People put their bottles to recycle in the box and are given a small supply of dog…
Meow Mix Goes Death Metal
Sometimes we wonder, "Haven't I heard that before?". In the case of the  Septicflesh track 'Communion,' you may gotten that same sensation. It sounded like something you may have heard in the 'Meow Mix' jingle. Thus, it follows that 'Communion&apo…

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