Twenty One Years of World Spay Day [VIDEO]
World Spay Day, the last Tuesday of every February, was created to raise awareness of the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of animals euthanized in shelters and to spay or neuter as many animals as possible.
National Love Your Pet Day [VIDEO]
In case you missed it, National Love Your Pet Day was yesterday. It's not too late to give extra attention to your dog or cat or to pamper your skunk or stick insect. Here's video of the top ten most unique pets from tiny rare insects to miniature ruminants.
Pet Theft Awareness Day
Today is Valentines Day but it's also ‪Pet Theft Awareness Day‬. Pets who are left alone outside in the yard, tied up outside of a business or left in a parked car are easy targets.
Stop Scaring Cats With Cucumbers
You’ve probably seen the viral video of cats being startled by cucumbers. You might want to think twice about sneaking up on your cat with a cucumber or anything else unless you want an expensive veterinarian bill. According to National Geographic, the sudden presence of an unexpected object i…
Teisha Finds A Home [VIDEO]
Watch a tiger rescued from a defunct animal attraction travel from Ohio to Florida and arrive at her forever home. Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Tampa that provides safe, lifelong homes for abused and unwanted big cats.
Koko Gets A Kitten & Signs ‘Put On Head’ [VIDEO]
Watch Koko open her birthday present, a boxful of kittens, and ask her trainer to place one of the small felines on her head. She picked two and named them Miss Black and Miss Grey. Hanabiko (‘fireworks child’) ‘Koko’ who turned 44 this year is a female western lowland gorill…
Spiders, Bats & A Two-Headed Snake
With Halloween right around the corner you won’t want to miss exploring long-leggedy beasties and some of Seven Ponds Nature Center’s more unusual specimens tomorrow (10/25) at 2 PM. The crisp, cool air and vivid colors of autumn make this one of the most beautiful seasons to visit Seven…
$10 TNR Spay Day Blitz on National Feral Cat Day
You can make a big difference for a few dollars. If you’re seeing stray cats or feeding outdoor cats that aren’t fixed, please don’t wait for a litter of kittens to show up before you decide to do something. All About Animals Rescue is holding a $10 TNR Spay Day Blitz on National F…
French Bulldog Vs Black Bears [VIDEO]
Here’s a video to brighten your Monday morning. Jewels, a 20-pound French bulldog, took on two 100-pound bears that made the mistake of wandering onto her property on Friday. BHer owner who had recently installed cameras because bears were causing property damage said Jewels is tougher than he…
Hey, ‘Precious Treasure’ [VIDEO]
We now have a Bei Bei to go with Bao Bao in the giant panda compound at the National Zoo. Mei Xiang’s surviving cub was named on Friday scrapping a Chinese tradition of naming a newborn 100 days after its birth. Officials say he weighs about three pounds which is ten times what he weighed when…

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