Tiny Cub, Big Heartbreak
The first of impossibly small panda twins born on Saturday at the National Zoo died yesterday. Mei Xiang hadn’t rejected the cub but since Monday afternoon she refused to surrender the bigger cub. The plan was to swap the twins every four hours so Mei was caring for one of the babies at all ti…
Double Happiness: Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twins [VIDEOS]
Here’s video of Mei Xiang giving birth over the weekend to the first of two Giant Panda cubs at 5:35 PM and a big surprise a few hours later at 10:07 PM on Saturday. Interest was so great that the famous “panda cam” at the Smithsonian's National Zoo crashed its web page.
National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
Many cats and kittens are available for adoption at Lapeer County Animal Control. The adoption fees have been waived for any cats that are over a year old. If they are not altered, the $50 refundable spay/neuter deposit is required for adoption.
Tortoise Shows His ‘Humanity’ [VIDEO]
Here’s a heartwarming random act of kindness from the animal world. Watch a tortoise come to the rescue of another tortoise when he finds him upside down on his back, hopelessly unable to right himself. It took many tries but he persevered in getting his buddy turned over.
#Ivory Crush [VIDEO]
One ton of confiscated illegal elephant ivory was crushed last Friday in New York ’s Times Square by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. “Behind every piece of ivory is a dead elephant” explains Leigh Henry of the World Wildlife Fund. Ninety six elephants are killed for their tusks every day in Africa…
Tiny Deer, Ton of Cuteness [VIDEO]
Only six inches high, six inches long and weighing less than a pound at birth, this tiny deer will brighten your hump day. The southern pudu fawn, the world’s smallest deer species, was born a month ago at the Queens Zoo in New York. His white spots will fade as he grows up although growing up…
Too Cute! [VIDEO]
A video of kids having a pajama party has gone viral. Nigerian Dwarf goat kids, that is. When freezing rain hit the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine, owner Hope Hall told the Portland Press Herald “I thought oh my gosh they’re the perfect size and it’s really chilly out…
Michigan’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Warthog Piglets [VIDEO]
Watch the antics of five warthog piglets born at the Detroit Zoo last month. Daenerys, Sansa, Cerseit, Tyrion and Hodor were given names from ‘Game of Thrones.’ Hodor, the smallest of the quintuplets, is being cared for separately until he gains enough weight to join his siblings.
Herd Comes To Rescue of Baby Elephant [VIDEO]
Here's a dramatic scene from South Africa that'll brighten your hump day. An elephant calf either collapsed or laid down in a busy roadway and her family surrounds her, coaxes her to her feet and leads her to safety.

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