10-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 To Avoid Bed Time [AUDIO]
"It's not fair!" "You're being mean!" The list of things kids scream at their parents when they don't get their way is endless. The mother of a 10-year-old boy from Brockton, Massachusetts told her son to go to bed Wednesday night. Because there was no school the next day, the bo…
News Anchor Makes Oral Sex Gesture On Air
Every now and then, you 'll catch something on live TV that stops you in your tracks.  Anything from an intense playoff game to high-speed police chase, from a meteor falling from space to a news anchor describing an electric toothbrush as if it were a Shake-Weight. Wait, what??
The Top Five Worst Possible First Dates [VIDEO]
Valentine's Day will be here and gone before you know it. Many people go on their first date on Valentine's Day. That being said, when it comes to a first date, wading through feces is only slightly worse than introducing someone to your parents. A new survey asked people to name their wor…
Comedy Time At The PIX Theater
Get ready to laugh it up this Saturday Night at the PIX Theater in downtown Lapeer. Enjoy the comedy of Norm Stulz, Kate Brindle and Dwayne Gill.
Join me in the morning  this week for your chance to win tickets for the show.
DJ Spoofs Dodge Ram Commercial From The Super Bowl [VIDEO]
We were all moved by the Dodge Ram commercial that aired during the Superbowl. The one that was voiced by the legendary Paul Harvey, and paid tribute to farmers. Well, it didn't take long for someone in radio to reinvent the spot and take it in a new direction, as a self-depreciating tribute to…
DJ Plays Drums on Woman’s Boobs [VIDEO]
Do you have an event coming up? I would strongly NOT recommend this guy to DJ your wedding! I've hosted several hundred events over the years, and I've certainly had a few glasses of wine along the way. But, I've never had enough alcohol to do what this guy does!
TV Reporter Asks Drunk Woman ‘Do You Have An STD’ [VIDEO]
We've seen it time and time again, some reporter doing their job in the field when someone has the urge to jump just to get on TV. This time, a reporter from Orlando is on Bourbon Street in New Orleans for a report leading up to his weekend's Big Game. Just as the reporter is talking about…
Matt Damon Takes Over ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ [VIDEOS-NSFW]
Matt Damon has been scheduled as a guest every night for the past ten years 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' And for the past 1,205 episodes of the late night broadcast, Jimmy always seems to run out of time for Damon to appear. After years of bitterness and resentment over the situation, Matt Damon…
Prank of the Week: Fugitive Transforms Into Mannequin [VIDEO]
Time for another great prank from the gang at Just For Laughs: Gags! This time, innocent passers-by at a mall see an fugitive on the run. Then a police officer, played brilliantly by my friend Denis Levasseur, approaches the unsuspecting victim to see if they saw where the criminal went. Watch w…
Manti Te’o’s EHarmony Ad
After days of eagerly awaiting an explanation to the bizarre case of Manti Te'o (meanwhile thoroughly enjoying the Tweets) we finally have some answers in the form of his eHarmony ad.

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