Looking For A Way To Prank Your Co-Workers? [VIDEO]
There are some pretty good ways to prank fellow office workers. Everything from taping their phones down to discretely disconnecting their mouse or keyboard. Around here we prefer the good ol' Facebook or e-mail bombs. While those are fine, this one takes office pranking to a whole new level…
Laugh It Up At The PIX Theater
The group of comedians “Laffing Gass” are back for their annual show at the PIX Theater.   This is a great way to start off the New Year. “Laffing Gass” is one of the hottest and funniest improvisational troupes to ever hit the stage.  There are no scripts…
David Letterman Drops F-Bomb [VIDEO]
David Letterman and Tom Cruise were discussing their kids on the Late Show Monday night. They discussed having "the talk" with their young boys, and the topic of bad words came up. Watch the look on Tom Cruise's face when David says a naughty word!

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