Five Over The Top Moments At Walmart [Video]
I shop at Walmart occasionally, and the things that I see happen there continue to surprise me. To say that Walmart shoppers are colorful would be an understatement! Enjoy this compilation of the five wackiest moments in Walmart far!
10 Amusement Park Rides We Wish Existed — The Funnies
One of the best parts of summer is heading to an amusement park. You’ve been to a few amusement parks in your day and been on the same rides over and over again. It can get old after awhile and you wish someone would come up with ideas to spice up these boring rides.
‘ALF’ is Heading to the Big Screen
If you want to know the inspiration for the TV show ‘ALF‘ all you have to know is that it came out in 1986 and that its name is short for “Alien Life Form.” But it’s fair to say the ‘E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial’ knock-off…

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