Two Michigan Men Each Get 8th DUI [VIDEO]
Two Michigan men in two separate incidences, were picked up on their 8th drunk driving offense. Gary Osborn riding a motorized bicycle and Douglas Bowman was driving a truck. When Bowman was pulled over he admitted to peeing his pants, I'll say!
Flint Township Couple Charged With Child Abuse
Flint Police were called to a home on Stratford this past Saturday in regards to a runaway. What they found was a malnourished child and according to reports, had things attached to his hands and feet that authorities believe were used to restrain him. WTF?
Detroit Woman Kidnapped and Tortured For Three Days [VIDEO]
I cannot imagine going through something this horrific. A Detroit woman was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and stabbed over a three day period. The unidentified 54-year-old woman was able to escape after being held for three days by breaking a window. A 49-year-old male has been arrested.

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