Detroit Woman Kidnapped and Tortured For Three Days [VIDEO]
I cannot imagine going through something this horrific. A Detroit woman was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and stabbed over a three day period. The unidentified 54-year-old woman was able to escape after being held for three days by breaking a window. A 49-year-old male has been arrested.
Numerous Skimmers Found At Michigan Gas Stations
If you own a car - you pump  gas. If you are like me, you often pay at the pump and that is how the crooks get our credit card information. WNEM recently posted a list of where 68 skimmers have been found through out Michigan. To see the list, click here.
Saginaw Teen Shot Multiple Times While Riding Bike
WTF? A 17-year-old Saginaw boy was shot several times while riding his bike. The youth was hit once in the neck, twice in the chest, once in the upper leg and once in the foot. After being struck so many times, the teen actually ran home for help.

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