10 Hottest ‘Top Chef’ Contestants Ever
The ‘Top Chef’ finale on Bravo got us thinking about lady chef’s. The reality cooking competition is usually a sausage party and we’re not talking about the dishes that are served up but the contestants. It’s mostly men competing in the cooking wars, with only one woman (Stephanie Izzard) actually t…
Kay de Courval — Babe of the Day
Here we have Kay de Courval. Is it just us or does it seem like she has a rebellious streak? Such an innocent face on top of a body only the Devil could have made.
This burgeoning model from Toronto, Canada has been featured in Nine5Four Magazine, Model Up Magazine and The Hockey News …
Angelina Jolie’s Leg Had Fun at the 2012 Academy Awards
If there was one thing we learned from the 84th Academy Awards it’s that Angeline Jolie is really proud of her leg. Her right leg that is, which she took every possible opportunity to flaunt through a slip in her black velvet Versace strapless gown she walked the Red Carpet with her …
Anjeanette Carter — Crush of the Day
Our ‘Crush of the Day,’ Anjeanette Carter, is pretty damn funny. Exhibit A is her Twitter account.
She is a popular blogger, a regular contributer to and tweeter from Los Angeles and is rapidly gaining recognition due to her sarcastic and witty tweets...
Kristin Kreuk — Crush of the Day
You probably know today’s ‘Crush of the Day,’ Kristin Kreuk, best from her portrayal of Lana Lang in ‘Smallville.’ Recently, Kristin landed a role in the CW’s upcoming remake of the old CBS TV show ‘Beauty and the Beas…
Lyndsie Marie — Babe of the Day
Lyndsie Marie is an amateur model from Gettysburg, Pa. Lyndsie loves tattoos and is in the process of getting her sleeves completed. She currently has 13 tattoos and 9 piercings.
Should Women Be Allowed in Combat? — Survey of the Day
Last week, the Pentagon decided open up thousands of near-the-front-line military jobs to female military personnel who were previously restricted from such roles.
Women are still banned from combat, although this move to put them closer to harm’s way has upset some, including Republican presidential…
Vanessa Hudgens — Crush of the Day
Vanessa Hudgens has grown up before our eyes. She has gone from a ‘High School Musical’ singing teen into a full fledged woman. She is now hot enough (and old enough) to possibly trick us into going to see ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.’

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