Holy Wet Bikini Batmobile Car Wash, Batman!
The minds behind the web series Super Power Beat Down know their audience. Geeks love their comics, fast cars, lively debate and, oh yeah, chicks in bikinis. So why not give them a chick in a bikini washing a fast comic book car after a lively debate.
Kate Upton Releases the Sexiest Video Ever
Photographer Terry Richardson is known for getting young actresses and models to do very sexy things in front of the camera. Kate Upton is known for doing very sexy things for the camera on her own. When the two got together for an episode of Terry TV, we expected something very steamy. We…
Courtney Stodden Says Eat Veggies, Have Better Sex
Every once in awhile Courtney Stodden scampers out from underneath the rock she lives under to post a sultry video on YouTube.  We’re not complaining.  It’s no secret that Courtney is a hotbed of sexual energy. Finally, she’s decided to put h…
23-Year-Olds Wear The Shortest Skirts
The excuse of conducting some surveys in the name of research often results in gems like this. According to a new study by British retailer Debenhams, women aged 23 are likeliest to wear the shortest skirts.

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