41 Years Ago: Kiss Perform Their First Concert
On Jan. 30, 1973, fewer than 10 people witnessed the first live performances by Kiss at the Popcorn Club (soon to be renamed the Coventry) in Queens, N.Y. According to bassist Gene Simmons, the group was paid $50 for performing two sets that evening.
26 Years Ago: David Lee Roth’s ‘Skyscraper’ Released
The spring and summer of 1986 bore witness to one of the most hostile public airings of dirty laundry in rock and roll history, courtesy of Van Halen and their recently departed lead vocalist, David Lee Roth, whom they had of course recently replaced with successful solo artist, Sammy Hagar...
A Return to US1031 From Days Gone By
If you've lived in Lapeer for a long time and you were listening to 103.1FM in 1984, then you can probably understand why I feel like this is a return to the past for me. In 1984, I was doing the morning show on what was then known as WDEY-FM, and I also did a Saturday night oldies show called …

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