50 Years Ago: The Beatles Hit U.S. Airwaves
On Dec. 17, 1963, the U.S. still had no idea what was in store. The Beatles had yet to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show where they seemingly overnight changed the landscape of pop music forever. That wouldn't occur until February 1964. However on a mid-December day in 1963, Carroll James of WWDC in Wa…
40 Years Ago: Bachman-Turner Overdrive Release ‘BTO II’
Nineteen-seventy-three's 'BTO II' really only boasted two stand-out tracks, and neither cracked the Top 10. Still, the songs were enough to free Randy Bachman of his early association with the Guess Who and to establish Bachman-Turner Overdrive as a new presence in rock &apo…
40 Years Ago: The Who Arrested in Montreal
Following an incendiary performance at The Forum in Montreal on Dec. 2, 1973, the Who attended an after-show party put on by executives from RCA. Would you be surprised if we told you that legal trouble and property damage ensued?

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