30 Years Ago: Yes Release ‘90125’
It's often said that it's always darkest before the dawn. This has proven particularly true for Yes fans, who endured the band's ugly 1981 breakup only to watch the prog legends rise from the ashes with one of their most popular albums two years later.
35 Years Ago: The Police Release Their Debut Album
When the Police's debut album came out on Nov. 2, 1978, it sounded like little else on the music landscape at the time. The band was lumped in with punk and burgeoning New Wave groups at the time, but it played a mix of reggae and rock-inspired pop with all the time-shifting complexities found …
30 Years Ago: Bob Dylan Releases ‘Infidels’
An album heralded as a return from born-again proselytizing, the Mark Knopfler-produced 'Infidels' began Bob Dylan's journey back toward mainstream music making — and it may have been even better but for some last-minute tinkering.

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