Japanese Mice Hold Cure For Bald Dudes
Good news for the follically challenged. Researchers at Japan’s Tokyo University of Science conducted tests on hairless mice, implanting bioengineered follicles created from stem cells into their skin. Hair then grew on the mice, which means that a cure for baldness could be on the h…
Hey Lapeer County – How About a 4-H Club?
Want to make new friends and have fun learning new things?  Join a 4-H club and join the excitement!  If you're between 5 and 19, go for it.  You'll learn about the outdoors; raising, training and showing animals from horses to goats;  beekeeping; cooking; arts &…
Snow Globe Causes House Fire
When I turned 30 my grandmother decided that I needed to start collecting something. She said that a collection would make gift giving easier, so we decided on snow globes. They always held a lot of appeal for me, and so a collection was born. Who knew that these lovely collectables could start hous…
Brave Teacher Rescues Toddler from Burning Car
As further proof that teachers don’t get paid nearly enough, a heroic elementary school teacher recently rescued a toddler from a SUV that had caught fire in the pickup lane at Cameron Ranch Elementary School in Carmichael, CA.

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