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The Eagles Are Coming To Detroit
After doing their performances in L.A. and N.Y.C. at the Classic East and West festivals, The Eagles have announced concert dates including Detroit at Little Caesars Arena on Friday, October 27.
Alice Cooper Rocks Swedish Night Club [VIDEO]
Alice Cooper made a surprise appearance at night club in Sweden this week prior to doing a concert . Alice and his band were on stage at a place called Sticky Fingers.
They knocked out four tunes including School's Out.
jontebus via YouTube
Grand Funk Railroad Is Hot Stuff 47 Years Ago [VIDEO]
This week in 1970 Grand Funk Railroad puts out their third album in 12 months "Closer to Home". The collection would make it up to #6 on the charts and sell at least two million copies. It would be the bands third gold record in one year with the first album "On Time&q…
Happy Birthday Ringo. Peace & Love. [VIDEO]
Once again Ringo Starr will be gathering with family, friends and fans at noon today (7/7) in front of the Capital Records Tower in Hollywood to celebrate his birthday with his Peace and Love celebration. This will be the 10th time that Ringo has invited the world to flash the peace sign and say the…

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