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Double Happiness: Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twins [VIDEOS]
Here’s video of Mei Xiang giving birth over the weekend to the first of two Giant Panda cubs at 5:35 PM and a big surprise a few hours later at 10:07 PM on Saturday. Interest was so great that the famous “panda cam” at the Smithsonian's National Zoo crashed its web page.
DNR Sends 17 Firefighters To Help Battle Blazes in 5 Western States
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has sent 17 firefighters to help battle wildfires in California, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.
The firefighters serve in various capacities as part of incident management teams, including fire-line management, public information responsibilities, …
Moon Photobombs Earth [VIDEO]
We’ve all been there. While NASA’S Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite was taking photographs of the Earth, the dark side of the moon put itself into the view of EPIC: DISCOVR’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera. The images showing the moon passing over the Pacific Ocean near…
Energy Drinks Are A Hot Property
Energy drinks are slowly over powering soda pop as top sellers at convenience stores nationwide. Coming in at close third place is bottled water which is growing faster than any of the other beverages.
Iconic Plastic Pink Flamingo Sculptor Dies
The artist most widely known for his 1957 plastic pink flamingo died on Monday. Don Featherstone, a sculptor, studied art at the Worchester Art Museum in Massachusetts and much to the chagrin of his professors took a job making three-dimensional plastic lawn ornaments at Union Products in nearby Leo…

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