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Keep The Wildlife In The Wild
Yesterday looking out the kitchen window at the bird feeders in the backyard I counted six male Blue Jays together chowing down. You can't beat watching the show going on around the feeders with our feathered friends.
The Michigan DNR reminds us to keep wildlife in the wild...
Invasion Of The Boxelder Bugs [VIDEO]
It's been quite the sight this spring to see the swarms of Boxelder bugs. On the south side of the house yesterday sunning themselves there must have been a couple 100,000 of them.
Some facts about Boxelder bugs.
1...They feed mostly on maple or boxelder trees...
Maple Syrup Extravaganza
The Chatfield School invites you to stop by Willows Ecology Center on Saturday (3/25) from 10am-12pm for the Maple Syrup Extravaganza.
Seven Ponds WinterFest
The annual winter fun day at Seven Ponds happens on Saturday, January 28, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Included is a bonfire on the ice, ice cutting, mammal tracking, snowshoe walks, cross country skiing, and ice skating. Inside will be children’s crafts.
Michigan’s Waters: Not A Good Home For Pet Fish
July in Michigan is becoming synonymous with reports of anglers landing pacus – fish with human-like teeth used for eating nuts and seeds – in the southeastern part of the state. Last month, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources received three pacu reports – two from Lake St…

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