Can DryBath Get You Clean Without Water?
The thermometer is expected to hit 95 degrees today, and perspiration is a pretty good bet! What if you desperately feel the need for a shower, but you don't have water nearby? There is a solution, and it's called DryBath! See what it's all about after the jump...
Are We All Kissing Cousins? [Video]
Are we all a 'chip off the old block'? Do our apples 'fall not to far from the tree'? Are we just 'one happy family'? The guy in this video says yes! Turns out, we are all kissing cousins. See what he says after the jump.
Pizza Vending Machines Coming To America [Video]
Isn't technology great? Vending machines are almost everywhere. You can purchase snacks, pop and coffee, and soon pizza! See what it's all about after the jump.
A1 Concepts, a Dutch company will launch their pizza vending machines soon in America. Let's Pi...
Fear Of Losing Your Phone? There Is A Phobia For That
Is your cell phone a permanent part of your hand? Always within reach and never out of your sight? Do you hyper-ventilate when you misplace your phone? Sounds like you suffer from 'Nomophobia'!
'Nomophobia' is real. It is the fear of being without your cell phone, and is …
10 Things Overheard During Facebook’s IPO Announcement
Just a few years ago, Facebook became a simple way for teenagers and old classmates to keep up with their friends while pretending to work. Now, it’s a billion dollar company with its own publicly traded stock.
The announcement offered its own share of shocked faces and flabbergasted …

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