Brilliantly Cheap Boyfriend Builds Girlfriend an iPad
Wei Xinlong, a college student in Changchun, China knew his girlfriend wanted an iPad, and all he wanted to do was make her happy for her birthday. So, Xinlong did what any normal guy couldn’t possibly do — he spent about $125 and built Sun Shasha an iPad.
5 Black Friday Apps to Help You Survive the Crowds
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Are you pumped for the earlier Black Friday hours? Well, even if you're not, many people are, and that means crowds of clawing and elbowing customers will be looking for the best deals. Whether you're a seasoned Black Friday shopper or someone venturing out into the reta…
10 Things We Wish We Could Opt Out of on Facebook
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Facebook may have changed the way we communicate, keep up with long lost friends and pretend that we're doing actual work in the office, but it has come at a great cost to privacy. Now the federal government is forcing the social networking giant to ask all 800 million of…
Photoshop Creates an Attractive Woman From a Blank Canvas [VIDEO]
Those who can claim mastery over Photoshop have a lot more skills than most of us might think. They can make celebrities and models look way better than they actually are, and they even have the ability to create people out of blank canvases, literally. Click after the jump and watch how a simple sk…

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