And The Blind Shall See…With New Technology
Medicine continues to amaze!
Larry Hester, 66, has been blind for more than 30 years. He has a condition called, retinitis pigmentosa. His left eye now has an electronic stimulator that enables him to tell dark from light.
Check Out This Ping-Pong Playing Robot
How far has our technology come? Machines and Robots may rule the world someday!
Timo Boll, a table tennis professional, recently played a match against a robot. It was to help promote China's new robotics factory. But Boll didn't really expect to have his hands full against the machine...
Classic Black Sabbath Albums Finally Made Available via iTunes
For fans who like to get their music online, iTunes is one of the leading providers, but even the download giant has a few noticeable gaps in their catalog. One of those gaps has now been filled as for the first time, the full catalog from the original Black Sabbath lineup is now available digitally…

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