Artist With ‘Dirty Mind’ Is Super Talented [VIDEO]
I think it is a safe bet that most of us have passed a dirty vehicle with the words 'wash me' written on it. Not exactly what you call 'art'. Russian street artist, Nikita Golubev is creating really cool art on the back of dirty vehicles with a paintbrush and his finger.
Easter Egg Hacks So Easy Even We Can Do Them [VIDEO]
Coloring Easter eggs can get messy. Spilled coloring on the table, the floor, your hands and your clothes. Especially if you have little ones, the project can get messy fast. These easy hacks are sure to narrow the mess margin and the end result can be some pretty sweet looking Easter eggs. Enjoy!
Yes – Today Is National Grilled Cheese Day
Today is a very close second to National Tequila Day, it is National Grilled Cheese Day! I don't care about National Hot Dog Day, National Cat Day or Apple Sauce Cake Day - but this day is certainly reason to celebrate!

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