The ice cream debate continues.  While chocolate and vanilla landed in a first place tie in a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, chocolate is landing on top in a new Harris Poll. Nearly 30-percent say chocolate is their preference, while 26-percent are giving the nod to vanilla.  Cookie dough and cookies and cream are tied for third place with 22-percent of the vote.  Nineteen-percent each are picking butter pecan and Swiss almond to place them in a fifth place tie,  Mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and rocky road also earned more than ten-percent of the vote.  Regionally, chocolate is more popular among Easterners and Midwesterners, while more Southerners like vanilla better.  Out West, vanilla just edges out chocolate in the flavor battle.

When it comes to eating the ice cream, 44-percent prefer having their ice cream in a cup.  Just under a third enjoy cones, while 16-percent like sundaes.  But there's little debate over toppings.  Hot fudge is the top choice in America, with 52-percent saying it's their favorite.  More than a third also like nuts, caramel, or whipped cream, and 31-percent doctor up their ice cream with fruit.