The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit is cautioning fans that the group might not be all that active next year.

He tells VH1's "Classic Rock Nights" they have "things in the works," but he expects 2012 to be a "very slow year for the Eagles."  The singer-bassist says it's possible that band members will put some time into a documentary about the group, and adds that there's "talk about a musical."  Schmit admits he doesn't have any details about the proposed Broadway show, explaining that he's "not involved in the actual production or even conceptualizing," but has been included in talks about it.  He says the show will use Eagles songs to tell the story, but beyond that he doesn't have any details to share.

The Eagles have one concert on the horizon.  The group is slated to perform at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on November 19th.  A week later Schmit will launch a tour of his own.  His trek is in support of his solo album, "Expando," but his sets will include material spanning his career.  The road trip is scheduled to begin in Phoenix on November 25th.