I've been pranking people for as long as I can remember. And while I have pulled off some amazing gags over the years, there have been a few that didn't quite go as I had planned. In fact, they backfired drastically. But before I share my story, I thought I'd ask a few of my co-workers about their prank-fails.

Amie Burke has a sister who is deathly afraid of spiders, so she put a giant fake spider in her shoe. He sister felt something in her shoe, looked inside, saw the spider and launched the shoe across the room! Good Prank! The shoe shattered a window. Bad Prank!

Jenny Boom smeared peanut butter on the handle of the Cars 108 Cruiser before Chris Monroe left for an event, and he got peanut butter all over his hand! Good Prank! Chris came in the studio and smeared the peanut butter all over Jenny's face while she was live on the air. Bad Prank!

AJ tried scaring Pat with a freaky Halloween mask. She went outside to hide behind the garage so she could jump out when he got home from the store. Good Prank! Wearing the mask, she wasn't able to see where she was going and ended up twisting her ankle. Bad Prank!

George McIntyre's prank fail was totally epic. I'll let him tell you in his own words:
Maggie, my friend and coworker left her cellphone at work. The alarm started going off, and it was driving me crazy. So I grabbed it, and sent a fake text to her boss, whose name is Tony. I need to tiptoe here, because it got a bit raunchy. The text indicated that she would be coming in late, because she had been out late the night before, and had been in some rather compromising situations with some sketchy people. The text indicated that she had probably caught some sort of disease. Good Prank!  The problem is, the text went to her boyfriend, whose name is also Tony. He didn’t take it well. I apologized profusely. The company Christmas party is still awkward. Bad Prank!

And finally, I was on a long road trip with a friend of mine who decided to take a nap. While he was sleeping, I came up on a semi-truck being towed, you know, backwards with the front end facing us. I got as close as I could to the truck, tapped the breaks and started screaming, "Oh, s___! We're gonna die!" He woke up and thought we were done for, screaming like Daniel Stern in 'Home Alone'. Good Prank! My prank was so convincing, he literally soiled himself and it took about a month to get the stench out of my car. Bad Prank!