The Animals frontman Eric Burdon says he's not surprised Bruce Springsteen is acknowledging the group's influence on him.  Eric tells "Rolling Stone" he could tell his band had inspired the New Jersey rocker "by listening to his music." Burdon explains that it was apparent to him Bruce was "into the attitude, at least, of the Animals and was carrying that kind of attitude on."  He says he was in the studio when he learned that Springsteen had discussed The Animals in his South By Southwest keynote speech, explaining that suddenly his phone was "going berserk."  Eric says he "immediately got on the Twitter and reached Bruce," who quickly returned his message and invited Burdon to join him for his South By Southwest concert that night.

Burdon accepted, and performed The Animals classic "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" with the E Street Band.  During his keynote speech Springsteen played a solo acoustic version of the track, and told the crowd it was "every song" he'd ever written.