While some recording artists have tour riders that make ridiculous requests like no brown M&M’s in the dressing rooms, other bands try to remain humble by asking only for the essentials like whiskey, grapefruits, and Valtrex.

The truth is that some rock star tour riders can get awfully elaborate sometimes, but this latest request made by Guns N’ Roses just might be the most extravagant one yet.

According to a report, an unnamed source has revealed that a Guns N’ Roses promoter has made contact with The Sonia Scott Agency and requested some models for the bands show on Friday at Glasgow’s SECC.

The source says,

“The band’s promoter contacted Sonia and asked if she could provide the band with models for the gig. He asked Sonia for 20 of her prettiest models to stand in the front row and wow the band while they’re performing. The girls have then been invited to join Axl and the boys backstage for drinks and they’ve even asked Sonia if she can arrange a party for the band.”

While we may not have the highest opinion of the modern day Axl Rose, we are of the opinion that this stunt to get twenty of the hottest young Scottish models to hang out and party backstage is a stroke of sheer genius. We’re convinced that not only will the boys in Guns N’ Roses go down in infamy for reviving the true reputation of the rock star, but that more asinine requests by lesser rock stars will ensue in the very near future.

According to the source Guns N’ Roses has a soft spot for Scottish girls adding that, “Axl and the rest of the band love girls from Scotland and they want to party in Glasgow. No other band has ever requested models from the agency to party with a rock band before, so this a first.”

This move also spikes the estimated attendance of this upcoming Guns N’ Roses show to at least 22 fans.