A pet hamster in England has been rechristened Jesus - after clawing his way out of a 2 foot deep grave to come back from the dead. Rhino, as he was previously known, was buried by Dave Eyley after being found "cold and lifeless" in his cage.

But the four-year-old was spotted scampering around the garden by a neighbour next day.

Mr Eyley, was stunned to get a call telling him: "Your hamster has escaped and I've just caught him."

He replied: "It's impossible - our hamster is dead." But when he returned home, he found it was indeed the same animal.

Mr Eyley, and his family were flabbergasted by the Easter miracle.

He rushed to check the spot where he buried the hamster and found a 2 inch wide hole where he had dug his way out.

"He's a plucky little soul and seems unaffected by being dead and buried," he said.

"He had rigor mortis when I buried him - and now he's running about. We're stunned - but happy to have him back."