At 66 years old, Dame Helen Mirren is the holder of a surprising new title - "Body Of The Year." The Oscar winning actress was the top vote-getter in a new survey commissioned by L.A. Fitness, beating out younger counterparts like model Elle MacPherson, Jennifer Lopez and Pippa Middleton for the title.

The gym chain polled two-thousand people for the hot body survey.  Mirren picked up 18 percent of the votes.  Forty-eight-year-old MacPherson, whose nickname is "The Body," trailed with just over ten percent of the votes.  Lopez was picked by more than six-percent of those polled, and Middleton, who has been making plenty of headlines for her figure since her sister's wedding to Prince William, landed just four percent of the votes.

The L.A. Fitness poll also asked respondents to weigh in on which men they thought had the hottest torsos.  Soccer stud David Beckham topped the poll with 21 percent of the votes.  James Bond star Daniel Craig was second with more than 15 percent, and "Pirates Of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp finished in third place with more than ten percent of the votes