The dog in the photo needs our help. His name is Wakosha and he's a five month old Australian Shepherd puppy training to be a helper for his owner Ken Kinyon who lives in a wheelchair.  Ken lost Raven his previous service dog of 16 years who passed away last year. He has been waiting for a new puppy to love and train for over a year.

Wakosha has already learned over 17 commands in a few short weeks. He is a perfect fit for his new home. The goal is to train him to retrieve basic household items and be a loving companion. Shortly after being adopted, he was diagnosed with a very loud heart murmur that was determined to be from severe pulmonic stenosis.

$2,500 is needed for Wakosha to have surgery to repair his heart. The sooner his condition is treated, the faster his heart can heal. To help out you can drop off cash or check donations at Thorpe Animal Hospital at 1678 Mayfield Road in Lapeer or pay on line and learn more at