April 24th, is "World Day for Laboratory Animals". A day set aside to remember and do something about the suffering of animals in laboratories. Animals are burnt, blinded, scalded, poisoned, mutilated, starved and products are forced down their throats through tubes, so that the products we use every day can be called “safe”. These are things we use in our food (additives), on our bodies (cosmetics, toiletries), in our home (cleaners, laundry etc.), in our cars, our gardens – paint, garden fertilizers and the medicines we take. World Day for Laboratory Animals is a time for calling a halt to this senseless suffering and abuse.

Now through April 27th, is “National Pet ID Week”. It’s a time to increase awareness of the need to properly identify pets. Use one or more of the following pet identification methods to ensure the safe return of your pet if they get lost: Collars and Identification Tags, Microchips, and Tattoo identification