The LOVE project that the Beatles producer, George Martin and his son Giles created is already nearly 6 years old.  It still seems like a recent release to me, solidifying the fact that the Beatles music remains timeless.  The Cirque du Soleil show that the music was intended for is STILL playing in Vegas.  There you go!  Last year, the folks at Apple released two tracks that weren't on the original set as iTunes only downloads.  One was Lennon's obscure Girl and the other, today's track, the more commonly known Fool On The Hill.  The Martins did exceptional work on it, as expected.  I downloaded mine in top quality, which I'll share today at 5:20pm.  Stuck in Pepperland?  Hear it live on-line.

The boys at the time of Magical Mystery Tour, circa 1967:

Apple Films, Ltd.