As we continue to dig out from one of the biggest snow storms on record, the problem will quickly go from snow to wind chills near 30 below! Many schools and businesses are already closing for tomorrow, and some have already closed for Wednesday. Get the full list here.

Waste Management has informed us that they will not be doing garbage pick up today so the plows can do their job.  Just driving in to work today, I saw at least two dozen garbage bags and trash cans that have been buried in the snow by the snow plows.  If you have trash cans out at the road, but the snow plows have not yet been through, be sure to bring them back in until the plows are done in your area to prevent them from being covered or damaged.

Flint was one of the hardest hit areas during the snow storm.  And if you still haven't had a chance to dig your car out of the white fluffy mess, I strongly recommend that you do it soon, before the arctic temperature drop.  And instead of using an ordinary snow brush, use a push broom, like I had my wife use (see above photo).  That will make the task much easier and quicker to get you back inside to warm up in no time.