It will be nice to get back on the air today.  10 days is a very long vacation I think.  You?  Of course, it depends on your situation and where you go.  I like my job so it wasn't a "gotta get outta here" thing, just a much needed break.  And where we went was the southern east coast, a magnet for me my whole life.  Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia to be exact.  I don't mind the heat (although this time I admit it was oppressive) and I really love the photographic beauty of those old historic towns.  It far out weighs a few sweat beads!  Well, OK, several hundred sweat beads.  Just ask Debbie.  The poor girl struggled in it, but we had fun.  Lots of walking, lots of sun, lots of great fresh seafood and lots of drink!!!  I'll be glad to publish some photo galleries in the upcoming days and weeks, since I'm a photographer, you can guess I took hundreds of pics.  Now, to find time to go through them!

Here we are on Charleston's river walk area called The Battery: