"It's A Wonderful Life" is getting the nod for favorite Christmas movie.  Nearly 30-percent of the respondents in an AccessHollywood.com poll say the 1946 Jimmy Stewart film is their favorite flick of the holiday season. "Home Alone" ranks second, and with 22-percent of the vote is the only film that comes close to "It's A Wonderful Life."  "A Christmas Story" has the number three spot with 15-percent calling it their favorite.  Twelve-percent like "Elf" the best, giving the Will Ferrell project fourth place.  Nine-percent enjoy watching "Love Actually" at this time of the year, while four-percent go for the action of "Die Hard." Three-percent are fans of "Bad Santa."  "Scrooged," "Gremlins," and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" each earned votes from two-percent.