Corn chips are made with cornmeal which is fried or baked and shaped into strips or scoops.

Charles Elmer Doolin introduced the corn chip to the world with Fritos. Doolin paid $100 for the recipe for corn chips served with his lunch at a gas station in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Doolin met a Mexican man making corn chips and selling little bags of the fried corn chips. He originally called them Fritatos that he would later change to Fritos. Charles Elmer Doolin imagined them as a side dish, a handful to be served with a meal. He never thought that eating a good sized bag of Fritos could be a main course meal for one. C.E. Doolin would partner with Herman Lay, to form Frito-Lay.

You would think that coming up with Fritos would be good enough for C.E. Doolin.  But it wasn't, he's also is credited with inventing Cheetos! What a Genius.