After having two kids and reaching two hundred pounds, Jennifer Nicole Lee lost seventy pounds and launched a career as a fitness professional. Lee is a former ‘Miss Bikini America’ and Muscle & Fitness Magazine’s ‘Ms. Muscle and Fitness’ in 2006. She has appeared on ‘Inside Edition,’ ‘Oprah’ and ‘The Early Show.’

Men need inspiration to lose weight after having kids. Fine, men don’t technically push out the spawn, but we do end up gaining just as much weight as our pregnant counterpart. We don’t have the built-in excuse of little humans growing in our stomachs. Nothing in there but Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and foot-long hot dogs. Ever put Chubby Hubby ice cream on a chili dog? It’s quite possibly better than sex. Better than sex with most of us at least.

Maybe Jennifer could be an inspiration to both men and women. She can inspire women that anything is possible with some hard work and determination and she can inspire men to stop trying to conceive new junk food concoctions. Though that might put our ‘hot fudge in a Stromboli’ project in serious jeopardy.