A big happy Birthday going out to Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson, who turned 64 this week.  In recent interviews he's been lamenting his age and promoting the fact that Jethro Tull still exists as a band and that he still enjoys doing solo shows.  Here is a quote from a VH1 interview last week:

“There is always a sense of the running out of the sands of time but those of us who are getting on a bit are well aware that this is not a job forever.  There are a finite number of shows ahead of us in different places and different countries to different people of different beliefs, different faiths, et cetera.  For me, if I get a call to play somewhere I’ve never played before I just think well hey, I don’t want to turn that down.”

These days the band is more popular in Europe, where they spend most of their time.  All of the info is on their website which is nicely maintained.  Anderson does both band and solo shows, those I've heard, are quite intimate and something to see, so let's hope he makes his way over here.  Happy Birthday Ian!

The current band: