Thanks to the hits 'Foxy Lady' and 'Fire', anything else on Jimi Hendrix debut 'Are You Experienced' was ignored by hit radio.  Thanks to FM, most of us got a good portion of the remaining, like today's Vault track, '3rd Stone From The Sun'.  A spacy rock/jazz thing that was an early indication of the different directions Hendrix wanted to take.  Mostly an instrumental, you can hear slowed down voices that Hendrix and his producer, Chas Chandler, thought sounded "spacy".  Sped up to normal speed, the conversation goes as follows:

  • Hendrix : Star fleet to scout ship, please give your position. Over.
  • Chandler : I am in orbit around the third planet of star known as sun. Over.
  • Hendrix : May this be Earth? Over.
  • Chandler : Positive. It is known to have some form of intelligent species. Over.
  • Hendrix : I think we should take a look, (Jimi then makes vocal spaceship noises).

Far out!

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One of my favorite Hendrix pics: