Jimmy Page made a surprise appearance with folk-rock star Donovan in London over the weekend, where he recreated one of his pre-fame session roles.

Jimmy's  surprise participation marked his first live performance since the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion show.

In 1965 the future Led Zeppelin guitarist was paid Thirty dollars to play guitar on the title track of Donovan’s Sunshine Superman album.

So when Donovan decided to recreate the album live, he invited Page to join him and the London Contemporary Orchestra in the city’s Royal Albert Hall.

Jimmy Page took to the stage and repeated live what he’d recorded in Abbey Road Studios 46 years ago, in front of a delighted audience who’d heard rumours of his presence before the show began. Later he took part in the

encore track Mellow Yellow.

Donovan told Rolling Stone “In 1965 Jimmy had just left the Yardbirds and hadn’t started on Zeppelin yet, so we hired him to do a session. Although he’s known for his power guitar he’s a real folk aficionado.”

Page added: “A lot of my songs were written on the acoustic guitar, and so much of the first Zeppelin album was acoustic too.”

Dave Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment