Today is Joe Strummer’s 63rd birthday. Joe was the driving force of the band The Clash and he died way too young at the age of 50 from a undiagnosed congenital heart defect. Joe’s birthday is being celebrated on ebay with the sale of a 1963 Ford Thunderbird that he bought in 1987 for $4,200.

At the ebay site Alex Manos, owner of the Beverly Hills Car Club remarks about Joe’s T-Bird. "This is such a special car to me. I knew Joe Strummer as a boy growing up in London. He was one of a kind, just like this car. Joe had an enormous love for American cars and I feel it’s serendipitous that this beautiful 1963 Ford Thunderbird is coming to us for sale".

Time is running out for you to get your bid in the sale ends in a few hours. Right now the bid is at $30,600.