The rock group KISS has proven themselves to be masters of merchandising. Lunch boxes, t-shirts, dolls, reality tv shows and how many farewell tours? What's next for these captains of commercialism? Golf, anyone?

That's right. Golf. Miniature golf to be exact! According to Noisecreep, this latest KISS themed venture will open in Las Vegas on March 15. KISS by Monster Mini Golf will also feature a wedding chapel, event rooms, a KISS themed arcade, a 'Rock n Roll All Nite' Cafe, and the quite possibly the world's biggest KISS gift shop.

Said Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in a joint statement; "When the idea of a KISS mini golf course was presented to us, we immediately knew that everyone would want to go to a KISS-themed amusement attraction." Everyone?

Would you spend your hard earned cash here? Are you a big enough KISS fan to get hitched in their wedding chapel? Golf, I hear you calling...