Didn't I do a post last week about the latest way that KISS has found to part fans from their cold hard cash? Well here I come with another post because Gene Simmons has something else to sell you!


Gene Simmons is a rock star, no doubt about it. He is also a reality tv star. I have even dubbed him the 'king of commercialism'. Last week, you might have seen my post about a KISS themed miniature golf complex, complete with a wedding chapel that will open this month in Las Vegas. Now Gene has lent his superstar status to a new chain of 'backstage' themed restaurants. The menu features 'front row' pizzas, 'VIP' salads, 'opening acts' appetizers and 'headliner' sandwiches. Deserts are called what else? 'Encores'. Called Rock & Brews, each restaurant will also feature over forty craft brews, hundreds of other kinds of beers in bottles and cans, as well as red and white wines.

Rock & Brews will be kid and dog friendly, too, with large, open air play areas for both.

The first Rock & Brews will open next month in California.

Would you eat at a Rock & Brews if one came to Michigan? Don't you want to ask Gene Simmons " how much is enough?" I'm surprised that there isn't a KISS flavored ice cream.

That I know of! Yet...