Some sad news out of Dallas over the weekend. Larry Hagman, the man who made us all love to hate J.R. Ewing, lost his battle with cancer yesterday (Friday, November 23rd), at the age of 81. He was surrounded by his family and friends when he passed peacefully in a Dallas Hospital.

From Major Tony Nelson from "I Dream of Jeanie," to the devilish J.R. Ewing from the original at the new reboot of "Dallas," We have come to love this great actor, and genuinely nice guy! Season two of the new "Dallas" reboot is in the middle of filming, and the writers and producers say they will give Larry, and his iconic character, J.R., the send off he deserves. Who shot J.R. was the big question in the 80s. Now the question is... how will J.R. die on "Dallas?" Watch TNT to see where the story goes.

Rest in Peace, Larry! You shall be missed!